Sara & RHS For Fortune
Sara Mittleider - Open - RHS For Fortune - Open Novice Champion
Lea & Huckster
Lea Leathers -AA - E Huckster + Forth Level Champion
Christel & Falcon
Christel Carlson - Open - Falcon Freestyle Reserve Champion
Joan & Linkin
Joan Iannacone - Open - Linkin Fourth Level Champion
Cynthia & Klimt
Cynthia McKim - AA - Klimt Training Level Champion
Mia & True Story
Mia Edsall - AA Event Rider - True Story AA Event Rider Champion
Nadine & Empire HW
Nadine Schwartsman - Open - Empire HW Third Level Champion
Hannah & Dixieland Delight
Hannah Muckler - Jr - Dixieland Delight Training Level Champion
Trinjia & Dumbledore
Trinjia Dell’Aglio - AA - Dumbledore FEI Reserve Champion
Stephanie & Mushu
Stephanie Bennett - AA - Mushu Training Level
Sara & La Paz
Sara Mittleider - Champion Open Event Rider
Nadine & DeNaldi HW
Nadine Schwartsman - Open - DeNaldi HW Third Level Reserve Champion
Nadine & Floyd
Nadine Schwartsman - Open - Floyd Training and First Level Champion
Sara & Leonida
Sara Mittleider - Open -Leonida- Open Novice Leonida
Nadine & Jericho R
Nadine Schwartsman - Open - Jericho R Training and First Level Reserve Champion
Cyra & One Tricky Blond
Cyra Carlson - Open Event Rider - One Tricky Blond Training Champion
Jane & Splash O Blue Montego
Jane Hochberg - Rookie Cookie Horse - Splash O Blue Montego
Sara & La Paz
Sara Mittlsider - Open - La Paz Advanced


By Tami Aufderheide

What a year this has been!  From a raining cold soggy start to the show season to the blazing inferno the summer heat brought, our horses and riders were tested.  Year -end awards are being calculated.  Shows for 2023 are being planned and education opportunities are coming your way. 

The Board of IDEA is so excited to bring the Introduction to the Levels with Joan Darnell to our area.  We have been so pleased with the response.  We have a line up of amazing horses and riders to demonstrate the tests.  This event is designed for the auditors!  You will get to see all the tests ridden. You will get practice judging the tests.  You will learn how to ride the new movements and how to use the progression of the movements to inform your training.   Joan Darnell is an “S” judge and faculty member for the L program.  Our program also qualifies for L Graduate education credit. 

We are trying something new with the Idaho Dressage Festival.  Next year we are moving to September.  I know it sounds a bit like “what?”, but with the intense heat and a really late Regional Championships, we thought this might just be the opportunity our riders need.  The IDF I and II  will be September 9&10, 2023 at Les Bois Dressage in Eagle ID.  This will be a Level 2 show, and will have 2 judges so there will be twice the opportunity to get qualified for regionals or to finish out scores for medals. 

Please plan to attend the State Annual Meeting November 10, 2022 7 p.m. via Zoom. 

Happy Riding!

Tami Aufderheide

Join us for the Introduction of the 2023 USDF Tests with Joan Darnell

November 12th in Eagle, Idaho

November 13th in Pocatello, Idaho

To sign up vist eqentries


Thank you for the overwhelming support of our education event.  You have been so supportive we are out of space at our Les Bois Dressage location in Eagle.  We have closed the sign up.  Don’t be disappointed we still have space available at our C&M Farm location in Pocatello.

Get Your Show IDEA Approved for 2023

Not all Idaho USDF/USEF are IDEA approved.
Year-end Dressage scores can only be counted from IDEA approved shows.


Please fill out the IDEA show approval form


Proposed By-Law Change

The Board in an effort to make the year end award policy as clear as possible would like to add the following words to:


Article XV Annual Awards Horse Section 1 and section 2.5:

To qualify for Annual Awards, Owner or their designee shall volunteer at an IDEA approved or sponsored activity during the award year.  The minimum number of required volunteer hours will be specified in the IDEA year-end award score sheet, published on the website


Article XVI Annual Awards Rider Section 1; Article XVII USEF Rider Test Dressage Rider of the Year Section 1:

To qualify for Annual Awards, Rider or their designee shall volunteer at an IDEA approved or sponsored activity during the award year.  The minimum number of required volunteer hours will be specified in the IDEA year-end award score sheet, published on the website.


We have had this requirement for several years now; however, we have never formally placed it in the by-laws.  It has only appeared on the score reporting form where it was easily missed by new members.  We feel this will help to clarify award criteria. Voting will take place via an email survey to all current members

We have exciting news!

IDEA has made some changes to our year end awards.

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