First, we are expanding the number of awards given at each level. We will now be awarding through 5th place. This is for both the sanctioned shows (USDF/USEF) and the League shows (schooling). (IDEA Year end awards come from scores acquired at IDEA approved USDF/USEF sanctioned shows. League show awards come from scores acquired at IDEA approved Schooling shows and Opportunity classes ridden at IDEA approved sanctioned shows.)

Second, the Board of IDEA has made the decision to retire all perpetual trophies. After this year when the trophies are returned, they will be retired. In their place, an award that the recipient will be able to keep will be given. The board is currently in talks about what the future location of the perpetual trophies will be once retired. Please share your ideas with your representative about what you would like to see done with the retired awards.

Third, IDEA has created a High Point Breed award. This is a trial award program. If it is popular, it will be continued.

Dressage High Point Breed Award

Horses competing for a Dressage High Point Breed Award must be ridden by an active member in good standing in the Corporation and owned by an active member in good standing. Points toward year-end awards accrue from sanctioned shows (USDF/USEF rated shows) and placings earned after rider and owner membership(s) are received and accepted by the association treasurer or the show secretary. No retroactive points will be awarded.

Horses must be entered, shown, and judged in at least three (3) separate dressage USDF/USEF shows approved by IDEA.  The three (3) highest scores received on rides completed under three (3) different judges for three (3) different rides at three (3) different shows shall be averaged together to determine the award. At least (1) dressage test score must come from the highest test of the level awarded.  Opportunity class scores cannot be used.  A copy of the horse’s papers must be included with the score report.  USEF registration papers that clearly state the horse’s breed will be accepted.

Only one award per breed will be awarded.  The categories are:

  1. Quarter Horse
  2. Thoroughbred
  3. Arabian/Half Arabian
  4. Draft/Draft Cross
  5. Pony
  6. Spanish breed horses: PRE, Andalusian, Lusitano, Lipizzan, etc.

We are so excited about this upcoming show season.  We are committed to supporting our riders at all levels.  The board of IDEA is also looking for ways to create more opportunities for Eventers.  We need ideas and show information.