The 2019 Idaho Dressage Festival is coming up May 18th and 19th!

As you all know, we will need a crew of volunteers for this show. Volunteers willing to help at our show are truly appreciated for their generosity and willingness to give back to our dressage community!

Let Robin Tomasi know if you have any questions. Riding at the show - we can work around your ride schedule! In the comments area, please be sure to add your horse’s name and the classes you’ll be riding in or grooming for, so you can be moved in case of conflict. thank you!

  These volunteer positions are needing to be filled.

SCRIBE: We always need experienced scribes. At you can sign up for AM or PM, lower/mid or mid/upper. You won’t be doing the whole shift, but I can’t assign exact times until the tentative class schedules come out. Judges hate changing scribes too much so you may be doing several hours with that judge. Please add in the comments if you’re riding, as you can’t scribe for a judge before you ride in front of them. And you can’t scribe during your ride either. Thank you!

SCORERS: Using an adding machine, you will tabulate the scores on the test sheet, printing a running tally. You may also need to go to the scribes to get the tests.

GATE STEWARDS/ BIT CHECKS: You will run the gate between the warm-up and the competition arena, letting riders in at their designated time and checking bits and other equipment as they leave. Any questions about this procedure can be directed to me or the TD. You will have a radio and exam gloves; additionally there is a manual for your reading enjoyment.

WARM-UP STEWARD INSIDE: You will run the door between the outside warm-up and the inside warm-up. We allow two riders per arena inside. You will be given a class list and a radio to keep track of riders.

WARM-UP STEWARD OUTSIDE: You will let riders in the outside arena know when they can go to the indoor arena. You will have a fun radio and a class list to keep track of riders. You may also need to keep an eye on the Stampede Arena.

RUNNERS: This position is very important for the competitors. You will get the test from the judges/scribes between rides, being careful not to disturb any rider in the competition arena. You will run the test to the scorers so they can figure the score and we can get them posted for the riders to see.

This year each 4-hour volunteer period will receive two $5.00 "Dressage Dollar" vouchers. Use vouchers towards a discounted IDF Poster (2018 poster $10 Dressage Dollars, older posters $5 Dressage Dollars), 2018 IDF vendor purchases, 2018 IDF concession stand food/drinks, 2018 IDF Silent auction items, IDEA 2018 or 2019 Membership, or towards any 2018-19 IDEA recognized Idaho show entry fee!