Idaho Dressage Festival Sponsorship

Dear Friends of the Idaho Dressage Festival,

We are once again planning our annual Idaho Dressage Festival to be held on June 4th, and 5th, 2022 at Once Upon a Horse in Eagle, Idaho.   In the past, sponsorship drives have generated enough support from both the local and national vendors to enable us to continue offering programs to our community in the form of clinics, competitions, and educational courses.

The Idaho Dressage Festival, in connection with the Idaho Dressage and Eventing Association, could not achieve its goals without the assistance of contributions from valued supporters like you.

Since our organization relies on your generosity, I write to you to become part of the Idaho Dressage Festival by considering two options:

Idaho Dressage Festival sponsorship Categories:
Click here for 

GRAND PRIX $750.00

  • 1 Ad in our Digital Program
  • 1 Complimentary vendor space, if desired
  • 3 Class sponsorships
  • 2 High Point sponsorships
  • 1 Arena title name
  • 1 4×6 area to hang your banner

  • 1 Ad in our Digital Program
  • 2 Class sponsorships
  • 1 High Point Sponsorship

  • 1 Ad in our Digital Program
  • 1 High Point sponsorship

  • 1Ad in our Digital Program
  • 1 Class sponsorship
  • 1 High Point sponsorship
CLASS $50.00

  • 1 Ad in our Digital Program
  • 1 Class sponsorship

  • 1 Ad in our Digital Program
  • 3 Class or 1 High Point sponsorship

Silent Auction:

Donations to our Silent Auction are another way to support the event.  To donate to our Idaho Dressage Festival Silent Auction contact me, Cindy Bond or Tami Aufderheide.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have regarding the contribution options you have.

Our team thanks you in advance for your gracious support.


Cindy Bond
Sponsorship Chai