Important News about Equine Passports

To the Idaho Horse Council and extended Horse Industry:

The purpose of this email is to advise your members and the industry of a substantial change that has gone into effect regarding extended equine certificates of veterinary inspection (EECVI), aka 6 month equine passports.  Previously, Idaho and surrounding states have allowed for 6-month passports to be issued by practicing veterinarians on paper forms supplied by ISDA that allowed horses/owners to travel to multiple states/locations over a six month period on the same travel document and then, subsequently, submit their completed travel itinerary to ISDA upon their return.  These paper passports are NO LONGER ACCEPTED as a legal movement document by _ANY_ of Idaho‚Äôs surrounding states.  If horse owners wish to obtain an EECVI, currently their only option is to acquire the services of a veterinarian with a Global Vet Link (GVL) account who will then issue an EECVI to the horse/owner electronically. Please keep in mind that not all states are currently participating in the Global Vet Link EECVI.  Notably, Oregon and Colorado do not accept ANY extended equine passport document (electronic or otherwise) and Arizona intends to change their import rules to allow for an EECVI, but has not done so as of yet.  Surrounding states that are participating in the Global Vet Link EECVI include Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, California, Washington and New Mexico.  These states allow a veterinarian in Idaho to issue an electronic EECVI that would permita horse/owner to travel to unlimited locations in any of the participating states for up to a period of 6 months.  For the EECVI to be valid, a horse owner must log-in to their own GVL account that is created for them by their veterinarian and enter the next destination they wish to travel to BEFORE they leave their current location.  This allows each state of destination to receive current notification of animals in transit, which is a critical factor in disease traceability.   In the future, there may be additional software vendors that offer an EECVI, but currently the only system approved to issue an EECVI, nationwide, is the Global Vet Link system. For additional information on 6-month EECVIs please contact your local veterinarian.  You may also contact Dr. Scott Leibsle at the Idaho State Dept of Agriculture at 208.332.8540.

*Scott R. Leibsle DVM, DABVP*

Deputy Administrator

Division of Animal Industries

Idaho State Department of Agriculture

2270 Old Penitentiary Road

Boise, ID 83712