After its 2019 revival, the Eastern Idaho Chapter (formerly known as CERA) held its first big event in form of a Dressage Clinic with Bill Woods. 

 “Dinner with Bill” was hosted by the chapter at MacKenzie River Pizza on the evening prior to the clinic, with a huge turnout and more than 30 people in attendance! 

Bill held an educational presentation based on Dressage for the attendees. . 

The presentation was followed by a raffle with a number of prizes donated by the chapter board members, including a clinic auditing pass, saddle pads embroidered with the IDEA/Chapter logo, signed copies of Bill’s book “Dressage Unscrambled” and many more! 

The clinic was held in Idaho Falls at Clockwork Farms where the owner, Mindy Hussey, generously donated the use of her facility to the chapter. 

The clinic lasted three days and all spots were filled with some participants traveling from Pocatello and as far as from Wyoming! 

Everyone had a wonderful time and Bill has a great ability to adjust each lesson to the individual horse and rider’s capabilities and current level of training. He made every lesson productive, kept the mood light and we all  had some good laughs at one point or another in our lessons. 

We are  happy to report that the  first event hosted by our chapter was a huge success and have Bill scheduled to return in May of this year (see events calendar). We would love to see  you there! 

If you want to learn more about Bill check out his webpage at and if you  are looking for an untraditional  book on dressage, check out Bill’s book “Dressage Unscrambled”. I’m sure it will bring a smile to your face and provide some great insights by providing a different point of view. 

Submitted by Lea Leathers, Eastern Idaho Chapter President

Photo Credit: Anne Glenn