Idaho Dressage & Eventing Association is dedicated to the sports of Dressage and Three-Day Eventing. Our members are riders or enthusiasts of dressage and/or eventing. They range from non-riding, to beginner, to upper level competitor, and many also pursue other english riding equestrian disciplines, such as Hunter/Jumpers. Any breed of horse and any level rider can benefit from and may compete in these disciplines. Our purpose is to foster an interest among horsemen & women in dressage and eventing training, and to offer a framework in which people can progress with the schooling of themselves and their horses. We provide clinics, competitions and other educational programs to promote understanding of and encourage participation in dressage and eventing. Non-members are invited to come to any general meeting, clinic or competition to get to know us better!

Dressage is often called the "ballet" of equestrian sports. Dressage means the gradual harmonious development of the horse's physical and mental condition, with the aim being to achieve both the improvement of the horse's natural gaits and the perfect understanding of it's rider. This work is done "on the flat". There is no jumping of fences in dressage training.

Three-Day Eventing is known as the triathlon of equestrian sports, incorporating the disciplines of dressage, cross-country jumping (galloping over solid obstacles) and show-jumping.

Our By-Laws